11 Home remedies for sore throat and sore throat causes

Home remedies for sore throat

Often home care is quite sufficient to relieve pain and irritating feeling of dryness and scratching. Here are a few tips that will help you to fix this problem: Check these home remedies for sore throat:

  1. Do gargle with warm salt water. In a bowl with hot water, add a teaspoon of salt. Use the solution to gargle several times a day, and spit the liquid.
  2. Gargle with baking soda and salt. In the bowl of warm water put half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of baking soda. Do gargle on every 2-3 hours.
  3. Drink warm liquids. Hot teas and soups can soften sore throat and reduce scratching. If sore throat is accompanied by nasal congestion, hot drinks can be of great benefit because it will facilitate breathing.
  4. Hot lemonade with honey. In hot water, add the juice of one lemon and sweetened with a spoonful of honey. Honey and lemon are recommended in case of sore throat.
  5. Garlic. Because of its antibacterial properties, garlic also helps in the prevention of flu and colds and alleviate symptoms.
  6. The volume pedal. Speak with a low tone and refrain from exerting the vocal cords, as shouting or singing.
  7. Stay 5 minutes in the bathroom after showering.Shower yourself with hot water, then stay at least five minutes in the bathroom. The steam will soften the cervix and remove the feeling of scratching often results in a cough.
  8. Do not smoke and avoid rooms where is present smoking. Smokers often suffer from sore throat because of inhaling cigarette ,smoke irritates the lining of the mouth and throat. If you suffer from sore throat, you need to stop smoking if you smoke.
  9. Do not clean with strong assets. While you are having problems with your throat, do not clean the tools with a strong odor or funds used by the spray. Cleaning windows can wait to be cleaned when you feel better.
  10. Breathe through nose. To avoid irritating the throat, breath through the nose, especially when you are out on cold..
  11. Eat menthol candy. Candy will increase the secretion of saliva and maintain humidity throat to reduce irritating. Caution: Do not give hard candy to small children, because there is a risk of suffocation.