10 Amazing natural home remedies

Home remedies for eczema

Coat the affected skin with plenty of olive oil. This will create a layer which will not allow the skin to dry. If the eczema is more severe, you should put olive oil on the skin and place plastic wrap and leave overnight.

Urinary tract infection home remedies

To relieve pain from urinary infection cystitis, mix ┬╝ teaspoon of baking soda with 250ml water and drink the liquid. Do this at the first signs of infection and observe it once a day until you see improvement or until you start to receive antibiotics. Also drinking blueberry juice can help, because it contains substances that checked the activity of Escherichia coli, the bacteria that often causes cystitis. Homemade blueberry juice is much better.

Home remedies for nausea

Ginger can help ease nausea as it appears in some people while traveling and morning sickness in pregnant women. To make ginger tea, put one tablespoon fresh ginger in boiling water, leave for 10 minutes and then the liquid distilled. Pregnant women can eat the ginger biscuits.

Home remedies for scratches and cuts

If you scratch or cut, apply on the small wound honey. Honey will prevent bacteria to grow and will disinfect the wound. When honey it dry, it will act as a natural bandage.