Quietest places in the world to vacation

How the noise affects to our health? Noise is stressful factor and people haven’t the ability to get used to it. Therefore, the only remedy is to relax somewhere where you will hear only the sounds of nature.

Here are some of the quietest places in the world.

Kalahari Desert, Africa

The formula is simple: far away from people, more silence. Kalahari Desert, is not only one of the quietest places, but certainly is one of deserted places in the world. Most of the desert is located in Botswana, in southern Africa, but it extends to five African countries.

Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert

The surface of the desert is about 900 thousand square kilometers, and the only river that flows through a desert is Okavango, which normally is rich with flora. Kalahari Desert is rich with reserves of oil, nickel and uranium, in the northeast part there is one of the largest diamond mines in the world.