How to use hair foam

Different foams for different purposes

Some are designed for curly hair, and other for straight hair. Some are recommend when you use a hairdryer or press and others when you are shaping the hair with your fingers. Choose according to the layout you want to achieve. You can find different varieties at different prices. Hair foam is an economical product that does not buy often, so invest in quality products.

Apply on wet hair

You get soft hair with shine.

Do not apply a lot of foam on damp hair

Use a towel to dry ends before you use a foam. It works best when the hair is wet 50-60%.

 Try on dry hair

Your hair can’t be very soft, but will get a modern “wet” look.

Less foam – better hair.

Do not use a lot of foam, so you can get the opposite effect. If you apply a large amount on your hair, will look flattened and divided into patches, and it looks bad. If you don’t know how to apply, start with small amounts.

You want more volume?

This effect will be achieved if you apply foam while you are bowed down. The foam should be equally represented in the different strands. Then drying with a hairdryer while you do it bowed.