How to keep healthy teeth

  • Nibbling on pens and pencils. If you notice that you have this habit, just pay attention to them and curb it, because it can cause damage to tooth enamel, and cracking of teeth. You need an additional incentive to quit this habit? Just think how much bacteria is on the surface of the object that you are putting in your mouth.
  • Sucking the thumb. Thumb sucking is a bad habit in many respects, but it may suffer the most teeth. This habit has the worst impact if sucking continued after the emergence of the permanent teeth, as it leads to a permanent change to the structure of the teeth, while you can change the appearance of the jaw.
  • Aggressive use of toothpicks. Toothpicks is a great device for removing debris from food narrow space between teeth. But if it is used too aggressively, toothpicks can not only cause damage to the gums, but can cause decay. Be gentle with toothpicks and never chew it for entertainment.
  • Creaking with your teeth. Bruksizm or cracking teeth can cause depletion of teeth, excessive sensitivity, and even breaking their decline. Moreover, this unconscious habit can lead to headaches, pain in the ears and jaw pain. Stress, anxiety and depression are just some of the causes of bruksizm.