Best body tips

  1. Stop counting the calories, but make sure that the quantity of food that you eat will be limited. Eat less sugar and fat. Cut out the sweets, don’t infuse dishes with cream and you don’t need to eat bread with every meal.
  2. Reduce the amount of salt in foods because salt binds water in the body. Among others, it is considered that the fluid “trapped” between the fat cells causes cellulite.
  3. Once or twice a week eat only fresh fruit. Eat every kind of fruit you want, in unlimited quantities. Natural water distilled from fresh fruit “wash” the body, it helps to get rid of toxic substances.
  4. At least twice a week you need to do sports: swim in the pool, join at gymnastic club or walk.
  5. In the morning when you get up from bed, straighten the fingers with hands as you like to reach the ceiling. Stretching is beneficial for the spine and whole body. You can do this in bed, lying.