6 bad habits of women that are harmful to health

  1. Wearing on daily base high heels. More women for every occasion choose shoes with high heels, even when they know that they will have long walk. Indeed, high heels elongate the figure and make women more attractive silhouette, but also have a negative effect on health. They create a lot of pressure on the ankles, may contribute to the occurrence of injury, muscle strain, back pain and even arthritis.
  2. Wearing heavy bag. Women handbag is an interesting place where you can find everything. While some women realize the bag as a space in which they can wear the most basic things like wallet, mobile phone, mirror and some makeup for other purse is much more than that and are weighing several pounds. It has often been said that women carry their whole life in their handbag. The heavy bag can cause pain in the neck and back, and also bad posture. The maximum weight of your bag must not be more than 10% of your body weight.
  3. Let the fear or shame to prevent to seek professional help. Many women notice that something is wrong with their health and refuse to visit a doctor because of embarrassment or fear. Hundreds of young girls attending gynecologist Ashamed, and for the same reason hundreds of women quietly suffer without seeking help for their mental health. There are those who delay going to the doctor because they are afraid of what the results show.
  4. Use of improper size of bras. Do you know that over 70% of women use the wrong bra size? Wearing a bra with improper size deteriorates complete your look, because it changes the way your clothes stand. For example, narrow bra presses the “fat” on the back and if you wear tight clothes you will have nasty bumps. But by wearing the wrong bra will suffer not only your appearance but also your health.You can not maintain the correct posture, you can deal with skin irritation and respiratory problems and circulation, and is likely to have pain in the neck, back and chest.
  5. Ignore exhaustion and fatigue. Ambition prompts many women everyday to make the most of yourself – at home, at work, in social life. To achieve everything they’ve shortened the dream and ignore the needs of the body to rest. Proved insufficient sleep increases the risk of many diseases, stimulates appetite for junk food and increasing propensity to accidents due to reduced alertness. At the same time it increases stress, which is the number one enemy of health.
  6. Testing any rigorous fast diet. Strict diets that are based on the exclusion of certain foods from the diet group and recommended that intake of calories have little short-term effect. Shortly after the diet, lost weight comes back like a boomerang, a cycle known as yo-yo effect. Many women have started a diet, and the return of the lost weight tried second in rebound weight is transferred to a third diet… Such a cycle not only leaves physical consequences because it reduces confidence and creates frustration, but also disrupts metabolism.