17 Ways how to stay awake when you are tired

  • Sing dynamic song. You learn late, and you have no one to talk, and you are in great crisis? Then, play music that always rises you from the chair. Put headphones and let yourself out loud at least 1-2 songs.
  • Walk out. Go to the store and buy a fruit. You will return with more energy and attention to what you do.
  • Be chilled. To immediately open your eyes, wash your face with cold water. Also, reduce the heat in the room where you are. Brilliantly closes his eyes.
  • Move your arms or legs. The lectures, write down as much as you can remarks. Writing will increase concentration. Move your legs under the table, just like when you are nervous.
  • Switch tasks to kill boredom. When doing the same thing in a while, you start to become bored and it is normal to think of sleep. If you feel that comes slumber while learning theory, start to decide if the tasks is involved in your case. Or, start to learn new interesting topic. If you are at work, start doing something new. Diversified tasks will help you to have better focus.
  • Eat sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Movements that will do the mouth and hands will help you to stay focused and awake.
  • Set your alarm to ring on every 10-15 minutes. If you learn exhausted, the sound of the alarm will prevent you to sleep. Set the alarm clock or mobile away from you to be forced to get up and turn off the alarm.
  • And when nothing fails and the body tells you that you can not stay awake, take a nap for15-25 minutes, but no longer. A short nap will refresh and you draw again to return to the task.