10 lesser known ways to reduce stress

  1. Make a massage to your jaw. When we are under stress, unconsciously we clamp with jaws. This is especially apparent when we “boiling” in itself, and try to not express emotions out loud. In such a case, it is best to help massage the temples and jaw. Place four fingers of the hand (no thumbs) of temples and a minute do circular movements. Then, place your fingers on the area where the merging upper and lower jaw and continue to massage in circular movements once a minute.
  2. Scream. When you think that you are under huge stress, scream loudly. Shouting and screaming allow people to express their frustrations. Experts say that while the body creates endorphins that improve mood and act as a natural anesthetic. Go on some mountain to scream without restraint.You can scream in the pillow if you fill intense.
  3. Massage your ears. Massage on the ears will relax the muscles through out your body. The index finger and thumb of both hands grasp the ear fringes and gently press. Carefully rub the villi, and then start to move up the outer “edge” of the ears. Then, scroll down. Practice all these massage 1-2 minutes.
  4. Stretch the ear fringes. With thumb and forefinger grip ear fringes and gently strech them down. Then, begin to move in circles in the opposite direction. Make 10 small rounds. This movement will give you relaxation after they longed for.
  5. Iron your clothes. You feel like you are biting inside? Reduce tension with ironing or folding the clothes. Focus only on what you are doing at the moment and repeat the movements. That will mute the vocal thoughts in your head that increase the stress and let simple tasks around the house to act as meditation.